Principals Welcome

My name is Sue Richardson and I arrived to ‘take over the reins’ in January 2012.


I came with a mission: I want every student of Bowen Road to access the best we can offer, to be the best they can be and to become engaged, happy learners who participate fully in the opportunities offered by the school.


I want every staff member to work together and accept the responsibility to do all that is necessary to ensure every student thrives and achieves success.


Our Early Learning programs are vital to ensuring students start school on an even basis. Launching Into Learning caters for children from birth to 4 and provides support and information for parents as well as ensuring a smooth transition into Kindergarten when the time comes. We rely on neighbours to ‘spread the word’ to new families!


Our social skills programs underpin much of what we do at Bowen Road.


Through our Positive Behaviour Support principles, we teach, acknowledge and reward students for doing the right thing and stress the value of cooperation, acceptance of others, manners and respect in order to work successfully together:- skills that are vital  to be successful in life.


Parent support in our endeavours is very important and parents are encouraged to work with the school to address any concerns they may have regarding their child’s interactions at school, or in fact on any aspect of our school.


Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have any ideas, suggestions or concerns!


Sue Richardson