Our Values


At Bowen Road Primary School, we keep it REAL (Respect, Excellence, Aspiration, Learning)


Respect:  We use words and actions to support and encourage others. We allow everyone to learn. We celebrate our differences. We accept that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. We accept that others may have different opinions and beliefs.


Excellence:  We are active learners. We have a growth mindset. We take pride in our learning. We celebrate excellence in achievement, effort and participation.  We look to role models around us and we show others what ‘Excellence’ means.


Aspiration:  We set personal goals and work towards achieving them. We have high expectations, hopes and ambitions. We know it takes effort and persistence to achieve goals. We reflect on our learning in order to improve. We embrace all challenges.


Learning:  We are here to learn.  We are responsible for our learning and support others in theirs. We are curious, resilient and excited to learn. We collaborate, communicate, research, self-manage and think. We are life-long learners.